I had the privilege of studying acting with the Great UTA HAGEN for years in New York City. It is the core of my beliefs that I still hold close to my heart today.
I love what she wrote in her Book RESPECT FOR ACTING “…I believe that we should begin with the realization that acting entails a craft as subtle and delicate as the most demanding creative art. Humanism is at the root of it. Consistently good acting is never an accident or empty of this purpose. To achieve a technique that will allow for a genuine existence on stage can take a lifetime to accomplish. The search never stops; there are no dead ends. If we pursue this search, many of the humiliations to which we are subjected become meaningless. Success and failure become a fascinating struggle tone evaluated by the individual actor in conjunction with his own awareness of the work at hand. To bring to an audience the revelation of the failings and aspirations, the dreams and desires. The negative and the positive aspects of human beings—this is what we should set as our goal as committed theater artists. Then we will be respected and have respect for ourselves and respect for acting !”